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Why Rene's?

Because you deserve the best!
Because the products I promote are the *best; just like the people behind them! 
And finally because, the more you focus on the good in life, the more you lavish love on yourself, and those around you; the better and brighter
we all shine together...and that my friends, is the greatest reason of all ox

*best is in accordance with my personal preference and opinion. You are welcome to feel otherwise.


Rene's Partners

It is a great privilege to be able to offer some of my favourite Recommended's directly to you here in the shop. 
Thanks to my amazing partners ~ the people behind the products ~ we have collaborated to send you their creations straight from the source (no double handling) making it possible to support both the blog and the artists themselves! Now you can buy knowing everyone gets something great! 

From both myself and the partners, thank you

*If you are a creator interested in becoming a partner please send me a message here

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