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Big heart, all truth, and a little bit of comedy...

On a usual day words would pour forth about such a creative and expressive artist as Jodstar of Lone Goat Studio; but I feel as though the heart in her art speaks volume's in and of itself.

Innovative, gifted, and a little bit curious; her work abounds in wonder!

Never have I met anyone more true to themselves and the style that they love than she. Pouring out such an honest reflection of her happy, vibrant self; each specimen contains the essence of her unique and diverse nature. From glorious florals, to quirky characters; cute creatures, and curiouser capers - there is a little slice of soul in each.

"Be confident, be creative, and never stop being yourself."

Whether you revel in her energy, or bask in her effervescent glow, you can't help but walk away feeling the warmth and cheer that this amazing lady colours life with! Explore the heartfelt craftsmanship here and discover the substance that is Lone Goat Studio.

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