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Living Love

Like the soft, incandescent gleam of twinkling stars suspended humbly in the night sky; quietly

offering a beauty and repose to those who would behold their wonder - so too are the

modest offerings of the Eco Teacher Collective.

Stumbling upon this family collective earlier in the year, I have been privy to absolute selflessness, blown away by benevolent generosity, and awakened to an achievable aspiration that is so earnestly shared with full transparency that it can't help but incite the beholder.

From skillfully crafted scrunchies, to ethically sourced collaborations, every item available holds both meaning and purpose. For the conscientious shopper, and avid dreamer alike, you can find a gift worth gifting, or a concept worth attaining.

Fill your heart with home grown love this season and experience the pure satisfaction for yourself.

Eco Teacher Collective

#livinglove #believeinwhatyoudo #achieveyourdreams #nevergiveup

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