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Not just the creators.

Sometimes there are secret folk, common in our daily lives, who hide ever so conspicuously right in plain sight. The gracious givers and lovers who look not for their own accolades to be sung, but rather sing ever so sweetly the stories of others.

Meet Kate, from Arttime Supplies, Ipswich.

Despite being adept at crafting a number of mediums herself, Kate hosts shelves filled with the handiwork of others. Not only does she support and promote the crafters themselves, she gives prime position to their wares in her art shop; right up front and adorning the windows.

Pottery and leatherwork, candles and cards, along with an assortment of glass works, jewellery and more...

She works tirelessly to bring these unique products together with the people who will cherish and adore them as much as the creators themselves.

If you are looking to find an unsung treasure, head in to Arttime Supplies, Ipswich - 203 Brisbane St, Qld 4305.

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