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Speak your truth

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I remember the moment clearly, sitting in my sisters living room just chatting away together when the topic turned; and I felt the fear rising once again in my chest..."How do you bring up something like that?" I blurted out. "...and a mouth sewn shut;"

Bush Enjoying the day

My connection with Brush, was instant. One glimpse of his cute little face had me dreaming of his reality. Scooping his light body up into my arms, holding him close, and lavishing on him all the love I had yearned for. Even before reading his story, I saw a part of myself - the truth behind that smiling face and the sadness that resonated deep within my soul. "...a mouth sewn shut;" How long had I felt silenced? How long had I held back the words now buried in my heart?

It was more than the abuse. It was all those moments when I felt my voice was no longer needed. When it would not impact the one sided conversations. When I, was no longer heard. Growing up in a large family there was always going to be a sense of silencing with so many opinions and only one choice to be had - but as someone with a more tender heart it was easy to opt myself out of the decision altogether, and hard to open back up when it was in relation to something of worth. Urkle McNurke, for me, has captured this reality perfectly in his new book titled "Brush". He takes you on the involuntary adventure that is childhood, and reminds us how easy it is to create a fictional existence for ourselves as a way of coping with our circumstances. The only question that remains is "Where will YOUR story take you?"

Back Cover of Brush Book

Brush - Written and Illustrated by Urkle McNurkle - Book 2 coming soon...

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