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Lavish botanicals that will caress your skin.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Imagine dipping your toe gently into a freshly drawn hot bath; the aroma of Rose and Jasmine delicately enticing your senses. You slowly slide down into the luxuriously rich water that has been blended with nutrient filled oils, lightly enveloping your skin and allowing all the worries of the day to melt into nothing as your body effortlessly drifts into ultimate bliss... This is the reality of L'essence.

Nourishing botanical enriched bath and body oil
Luxurious Bath & Body Oil

Old fashioned romantic and modern day dreamer - Louisa Jane, is the face and founder of L'essence Pure Botanical Soaps. Her passion for daily indulgence led her to create a divine range of handcrafted soaps and bath products using traditional methods and the finest ingredients from around the globe. With her clients absolute satisfaction in mind, her creations are by far the most luxurious sources of absorbable nutrients which will restore and nourish your skin. Be enraptured by the subtle delicacy of Turkish Rose, or embrace a little daring with Sweet Anise, or perhaps decide to be swept across the isles with Moroccan Mint. Whatever you choose, it will be sweet release and calming balm to your weary soul.

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