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Pottery is so hot!

It seems fitting to follow up my last blog post with another amazing potter who's style and designs are in complete contrast to our previous one...happily introducing The Crooked Little Potter.

Much like her personality, The Crooked Little Potters creations are refreshing, bright, and fun! They exude so much joy, merriment, and cheer that you can't help but feel the enthusiasm that has been ingrained into every piece. Her handiwork flows from a pure love of nature and an intense passion for gardening.

But whatever your fancy, potted or plain, her creations are the epitome of bliss. From the choice of glaze, to the nature of clay itself and the extension to which it is moulded, you are sure to find something utterly unique to treasure for years to come.

#hottrends #potteryiscool #loveyourlife

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