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When life calls for a scent of calm.

Clean lines, simple elegance, and fragrances that feel like a warm embrace.

Fiddle Leaf Collection's range of scented candles, bath soaks, diffusers and more, boast a soothing comfort that is, founder and producer Emily's, ultimate ambition when creating her hand crafted selection.

Meticulous in the entire process, she pours her heart and soul into each individual piece. From her initial selection of fragrances that reflect calm, to her careful mixing until the perfect combination of elation is achieved; she then hand pours each one as though it were a gift for her closest friend.

Whether you are looking for something to lighten the space in your home, give yourself a fragrant lift, or gift something special to a valued friend, Fiddle Leaf Collection is a choice you can't go wrong with.

P.S. My favourite with it's nose tickling bubble sensation is Pink Champagne.

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